Sound Testing For Acoustics

Any new building or renovation of the existing building (commercial or residential) should pass the regulations of that particular city/country. One of the main tests that your building should pass if it has to get a no-objection certificate from the concerned authorities is a sound test. In this test, a representative from a professional acoustics company visits your building and examines your floors/walls to check if the sound emanating from the same is within the permissible levels. This is done to ensure that your building doesn’t cause any noise disturbance to the people living in it or to the neighbourhood. Here are some of the types of sound tests that are done by acoustics companies.

Single Wall Test

As the name indicates, this kind of test is conducted between two pairs of rooms that are separated by a wall. An ideal case would be comparing the living rooms/ bedrooms etc. of two flats that are separated by a single wall. The bigger pair of rooms proves to be the base of sound testing. Airborne sound insulation test is conducted in the bigger room, and the impact of the same is analysed in the other pair of rooms to know the results.

Single Floor Test

Here two pairs of rooms separated by a wall are chosen, similar to the previous example. However, the big difference here is that in this kind of test, each pair of the room an airborne test to test the sound insulation from upper to lower floors and an impact test to test the sound insulation from the lower to upper floors are conducted.

Multiple Walls and Floors

When an apartment or office building has a lot of floors and walls, it becomes highly difficult to carry out tests in each of these. This is where the concept of sample testing is introduced. For buildings with multiple floors and walls, acoustic companies test 10% of the elements to check if everything is in order. For example, if an apartment has 20 flats, two walls and two floors are tested. So this will require four single wall tests and eight single floor tests to assess the sound quality of that building.

When does the acoustics company conduct sound tests in your building?

Any noise consulting company roblox robux generator would require basic parameters in a building to be completed for it conduct testing successfully. Therefore, before you call your consultant to conduct a test on your new or renovated building, you need to take care of the following points:

– Complete installation of doors and windows

– Neat and clutter-free rooms that would be used for testing

– Completion of ventilation systems, ceilings, floors and walls

– Completion of electrical fittings

– Lack of any noise or external disturbances at the time of testing

These are some of the basic points that you need to keep in mind before calling a company to check the sound parameters in your building. Every acoustics company has its rules and regulations to follow, and there is a list of prerequisites that it would give you before agreeing for the personal visit. Ensure that you tick off all the things in this list, if your building has to get a no-objection certificate from the authorities.